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Weekend Express to Brussels!

Weekend Express to Brussels!

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It has been far too long since I last posted on my dear blog… I have been focussing solely on, you know, learning to adapt to motherhood! Time flies way too fast, my baby boy is nearly 10 months old and, in no time, I will be back at work from my maternity leave!

Hubs has been busy at work so we couldn’t fit a long holiday into our schedules, hence we decided to have a weekend “express trip” to Brussels! (which, by the way, conveniently takes only a little more than 2.5 hours from my front door)

The fact that I am a sweet + chocolate addict actually made me question myself why it had taken us so long to visit this choco-heaven!!!

Brussels surely did not disappoint, with all the gourmet popcorn, mouth-watering waffles and out-of-this-world chocolates! My highlight of the trip? Pierre Marcolini pastries, definitely!!

It was the first time we travelled as a unit of 3, coupled with perfect weather made it a wonderful and special trip!! Thank you Brussels, until next time!!

Ca Dao

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