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London is in “Royal Wedding” mood…

London is in “Royal Wedding” mood…

So, I started the day with the search for Viet’s black iPad 2 (I purchased a white one online for me already woohoo!!)… This time the staffs at Regent Street gave us a super-crystal answer : “OUT OF STOCK!NOT SURE WHEN THEY WILL BE BACK IN STOCK!”….

Fine!! I will order his iPad online then!! The 3,4-week wait is just ridiculous!! My parents just want us to have them straightaway… but it seems impossible 🙁

Now, London is in the full mode called “ROYAL WEDDING!”…. the flags are hung everywhere on Regent Street!!!

London 22 April 2011-17

London 22 April 2011-9

The hunt for that special … iPad 2 :))
London 22 April 2011-7

Where can I find you??
London 22 April 2011-12

Lusting over that pink Furla Candy bag…
London 22 April 2011-11

London 22 April 2011-20

London 22 April 2011-19

London 22 April 2011-15

Then, heading to SoHo for brunch with my boyf, Viet
London 22 April 2011-28

London 22 April 2011-31

London 22 April 2011-32

Patisserie Valerie 🙂
London 22 April 2011-34

Chocolate Fappe?
London 22 April 2011-35

YAY!!! I found the 2nd place in London to have bubble tea, after Bobo Jam… but was too full to try it out 🙁

London 22 April 2011-39

Then, Viet had to go to work :(( Yah Yah Yah, it’s good Friday… and he has to work on Sat and Sun as well!!! What the “heo”???

So, gave Jerry (Viet and I’s best mate) a call and we decided to go for ice-cream at Amorino and after that, sunglasses hunting!! It’s super super super sunny in London today!!! 26 degree Celsius!!!!

This one is Chanel… Round sunglasses!!! Probably will go back to buy this pair tomorrow :))
London 22 April 2011-4

Burberry is better?
London 22 April 2011-3

London 22 April 2011-2

Or Tom Ford…? (my face is too small I reckon!)
London 22 April 2011-5

Jerry also had a go… He ended up buying a pair! I ended up buying nothing….
London 22 April 2011-54

I didn’t want Viet to feel left out of our fun Good Friday… so Jerry and I went to Canary Wharf (Viet’s work area) to have dinner with him.

Wahaca is probably the best place in London to have Mexican food!!! The atmosphere is great, the decor is super-colorful and super-fun!!

London 22 April 2011-42

Me n ma boyf :))
London 22 April 2011-43

Showing off his new purchase erm…
London 22 April 2011-41

Awesome food!
London 22 April 2011-50

Best drink award goes to “Aqua Frescas”… You HAVE TO TRY IT OUT!!!! Full description: “Hibicus water, homemade, cranberry flavored Mexican flower juice”. Or “Horchata” is pretty good as well!
London 22 April 2011-46

Okay, this is the stylish Jerry Trung 😀
London 22 April 2011-55

Paul Smith polo
LV belt
Diesel Jeans
Shoes: need to check with him!

Ma outfit:
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Shorts: Top Shop high waisted shorts
Hat: Newlook

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