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When it’s time to put on coats…

When it’s time to put on coats…

I guess winter in London must find it very hard to leave us….

That’s why it left London for a week beginning of April… and then came back. No matter how much people complain about London’s weather, I still find it very charming…. and spoiled …. like a pretty girl… The mood changes unpredictably…. but that’s exactly what I love about London … ITS UNPREDICTABILITY…

The cold makes you appreciate the sunny days…

and the sunny days cause you to silently long for the cold ones….

The rain touches upon every single creature and every single emotion that you have….I love the sound of raindrops on my umbrella, the smell and the feel right after it rains… freshness, calmness…. and hopeful…

and I love that strong blast of wind who makes you quickly seek for that one hand… or that one hug….

My winter Outfits
Before winter leaves us completely… and before we put on shorts, bikinis and flip-flops…. I just want to record all my favorite coats/jackers that keep me warm the past winters…..

One cold Xmas day in London….

Coat: Lanvin ♥ H&M
Shoes: Carvela

In front of my building

Faux-fur jacket: bespoke
Sunglasses: Fendi

IMG_7238 “Nothing beats Laduree macarons and hot chocolate on a cold winter day”

Faux fur jacket: bespoke

IMG_7230… and a bubble milk tea!

Dress: ASOS Ravaged One Shoulder Top
Shoes: Carvela 
Gloves: Burberry

Trench: Papaya


Since we’re on the topic of coats… I may just as well show part of my coat collections… The below pictures are actually not from London… I do wear them to work every day… It’s just you don’t take pictures when you’re at work, do you?

Paris 2010-607

White coat: bespoke

Raincoat: Burberry


One of my favorites from River Island

warwick 1


Coat: ASOS Hitch Hem Mac
Shoes: Camilla Skovgaard


Black coat: bespoke


Flowers are blooming… You can already feel the breadth of Spring …
Let’s say goodbye to winter….

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