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Saturday, Brick Lane, Kungfu Panda!

Saturday, Brick Lane, Kungfu Panda!

Kara and I were supposed to do a TV Producing workshop today (4th June)…

Well… apparently the venue was locked and the teacher could not get in!!!! All the equipments and materials were inside, no one had the key…. So… the class got rescheduled x-( What a way to start a Saturday right?

Nevermind, since the class venue was in Shoreditch (the coolest area in London!!), Kara and I decided to go to Keu for brunch. Keu is a new Vietnamese deli where you can have bánh mì (Vietnamese Baguettes) and Bạc Xỉu (Vietnamese milk coffee). I gotta say the place looks very trendy!! The Ba’nh mi` was good (the bread is a bit too thick for my liking). The Vietnamese coffee was awesome!! If only it was closer to my office :((

June 4-3

Address: KeuRestaurant
332 Old Street
Tel: 020 7682 8888

June 4-1
My friend Kara

June 4-4

Since my dear friend has never been to Brick Lane, I took Kara to my favorite vintage shopping places in Brick Lane…

June 4-5
Each of us got a new pair of sunglasses 😀

June 4-6
Old Truman Brewery, where all the sample sales and vintage market take place

June 4-7
Kara was having fun with all the vintage shopping!

June 4-10
I love ROKIT and now Kara does too 😀

June 4-8

June 4-9

June 4-11

June 4-12

We then satisfied our sweet taste bud with some crêpes

June 4-13

June 4-15

June 4-16

June 4-17

June 4-20

June 4-21

June 4-22

June 4-23

June 4-25

June 4-27

June 4-26

London was super super warm today!!! So after a trip to Brick Lane, I went home, got changed and went to Vue to see KUNGFU PANDA with my friends!

June 4-28

June 4-32

June 4-29

June 4-30

June 4-31
Leicester Square was super crowded

June 4-33

June 4-34
I take my Ipad everywhere :))

June 4-35

June 4-36

June 4-37

June 4-39

June 4-38

June 4-40
Finished the day with a bowl of ramen xx

Happy Weekend xx

First Outfit:
Dress: my mother’s (Yes, I saw her pictures in China and decided to take it from her wardrobe when I came back to Vietnam last Feb)

Second outfit:
Vest: Zara
Blazer: Zara
Short: Bought from a shop in Vietnam
Bag: LV Neverfull MM

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