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China in 2 weeks!!

China in 2 weeks!!

When I prepared for my trekking trip to China, what I was super worried about … WHAT TO WEAR? Funny, isn’t it??

Oct 1-1

As I have never been to a gym before and of course never done any sports, I have no “SPORTY” clothes, and no…. “SPORTY” shoes!!! Viet and I scouted London for the … “best-looking” hiking boots (yes, I need hiking boots as the trek covers un-reconstructed part of the Great Wall, there are steep sections obviously :-ss)…

After weeks of desperate looking and I nearly gave up on the ideas of a pair of hiking boots which  were “good-looking” and could protect my ankles at the same time… Luckily, Viet found me “the ONE”! Can’t thanks him enough!!!

Oct 1-1-2
What do you think???

Viet also found me a pair of socks that prevent blister… as I will be trekking for a long time!

I’ve been training by walking different parts of London with Viet. It’s really exciting to discover London by foot… instead of looking through the bus’ windows…

Oct 1-4 
Oct 1-5 Oct 1-6 
Oct 1-8 Oct 1-7 
Oct 1-11 
Oct 1-10 
Oct 1-13 
Surprised! Surprised! I passed by the house of Samuel Morse by accidence 🙂
Oct 1-12 
Oct 1-14 
Here I am, at Regent Park!

Oct 1-15 

Oct 1-18 
Oct 1-20 
Oct 1-19 
Oct 1-21 
Oct 1-23 
Oct 1-24 
Oct 1-26 
Oct 1-28 
Oct 1-30 Oct 1-29 
Oct 1-31 
Oct 1-32 
Oct 1-33

I can’t wait till the Trek! Only 2 weeks left… I will try my hardest to finish the 65km route! I’ll make everyone proud!

If you would like to sponsor me, here is the link to my charity page! Thank you so much!!! xx

Have a good evening!


What I was wearing:

Top: Crafted
Shorts: TopShop
Hiking Boots: GEOX

  • Ca Dao
    Posted at 20:52h, 03 October Reply

    Cám ơn em nhé 🙂 Chị đã mua hết rồi em ạ, áo gió, thermo base layer 😀 cả first aid :)) hehe ready chỉ để đi thôi 😀

    Nhưng xem thời tiết thấy bh cũng 17,18 độ… Thế là lạnh hả em 😀

    Old friend thì sao lại ko nói tên ra nhỉ 🙂


  • Anonymous
    Posted at 23:44h, 02 October Reply

    beijing bat dau tro lanh roi day chi a, 2 tuan nua chac la lanh lam roi ko mac do` mua thu duoc dau. O great wall thi lanh. khung khiep va nhieu suong mu nua, ngoai hiking shoes co le chi cug nen chuan bi quan ao a’m.Ben nay ngta hay mac ao’ khoac’ gio’, giu nhiet cuc tot va ko tha’m nuo’c (su*o*ng).
    E nghi chi cug nen mua 1 loai quan` bo’ vai cotton mac ben trong (kieu nhu legging nhung ma tham mo hoi va giu~ nhiet), o UNIQLO ban nhieu lam,loai a’m nhat chac la cua con trai. O china vao mua dong ai cug fai mac 2 quan` het’. Nguoi TQ hau nhu ko ai noi duoc tieng anh hoac noi rat kem, chi co gi muon biet cu’ hoi em :).Anyway Im just an old friend chi a. 🙂

  • Ca Dao
    Posted at 08:51h, 02 October Reply

    Hi em, chi 2 ngay o Beijing, sau day thi bat dau trek tu Mutianyu roi di doc Great Wall den Simatai…

    Chi co biet em khong? hhi`?

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 01:17h, 02 October Reply

    chi den city nao the a?

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