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BFI IMAX Experience for Lion King!

BFI IMAX Experience for Lion King!

Viet took me to see his favorite cartoon of all time, Lion King, in 3D!

I believe the best place to watch a 3D movie is the BFI IMAX!!! The screen is more than 20 metres high and 26 metres wide! Truly IMPRESSIVE!

Lion King is, unquestionably, one of best cartoons I have ever seen 🙂 Loved by people of all ages, and still leaves the same feelings today as it did coming out in 1994.
Blog Oct 31-14

My mom will scream when she sees these pictures haha! She told me to buy this dress for her after browsing TopShop… I’m supposed to bring it back to her in Xmas… but xmas is a long time to go! So I decided to wear it first haha! Sorry mommy 🙂Blog Oct 31-1
On the way to the cinema 🙂

Blog Oct 31-2

Blog Oct 31-4

Blog Oct 31-5

Blog Oct 31-7

Blog Oct 31-9

The surrounding of the IMAX is rather a good spot for photo taking i must say, though most people may not give it the necessary attention when walking through.

Blog Oct 31-12
TopShop bracelet

Blog Oct 31-19

Blog Oct 31-8

Blog Oct 31-18 

Blog Oct 31-10

Blog Oct 31-17

Blog Oct 31-13

Blog Oct 31-16

Blog Oct 31-21

Blog Oct 31-28
Waterloo station

Blog Oct 31-26

Blog Oct 31-23

Blog Oct 31-22

Blog Oct 31-31

Blog Oct 31-33

Blog Oct 31-35

Blog Oct 31-36

Blog Oct 31-38

November is nearly here 🙂 …..

Rare Maxi Dress
Carvela Shoes
TopShop bracelet
Chanel bag


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