Short stay in Beijing - Day 1 - A Class of Her Own
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Short stay in Beijing – Day 1

Short stay in Beijing – Day 1

The main purpose of my trip to China was the trek so I didn’t spend much time in Beijing, only 2 nights… Luckily, I got to visit the Forbidden City and met up with a long lost friend after 3 years out of touch..

Short stay in Beijing-14-2

Short stay in Beijing-1-2
Arrived in Beijing at 11 ish…

Short stay in Beijing-2-2
Then we went to have lunch…

Short stay in Beijing-4-2

Short stay in Beijing-6-2

Short stay in Beijing-9-2
Tiananmen Square was our next stop after lunch..

Short stay in Beijing-8-2


Short stay in Beijing-80
The Forbidden City

Short stay in Beijing-13-2

Short stay in Beijing-14-2 
I was really tired there, visiting the Forbidden city right after a 10 hour flight was not a good idea really 🙁

Short stay in Beijing-16-2

Short stay in Beijing-15-2


Short stay in Beijing-17-2
The Royal Garden

Short stay in Beijing-19-2

Short stay in Beijing-25 After dinner, we all went to Wangfujing, one of Beijing’s famous shopping streets! It’s like Times Square of Beijing, so bright and lively at night 🙂 All the shops open till LATE!! How awesome is that???

Short stay in Beijing-26

Short stay in Beijing-24-2

Short stay in Beijing-22-2
All the weird food from the street market!

Short stay in Beijing-23-2

Short stay in Beijing-21-2


(to be continued…)

  • Ca Dao
    Posted at 16:52h, 28 October Reply

    Maybe 🙂

  • S k y
    Posted at 02:13h, 26 October Reply

    did you eat those weird foods?

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