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No. 35 at the Hempel

No. 35 at the Hempel

When I am stressed…I eat…

A Saturday night somewhere within my revision period, we sneaked in a quick break to replenish, and so we went to No. 35 at The Hempel, and it was a real treat!

Number 35 Restaurant-3

Number 35 Restaurant-31

We started in No.31 Lounge Bar with 2 flutes of Taittinger while waiting for the table to be set.

Number 35 Restaurant-2

No.31 does not have a lot of space, but is quite interestingly designed with somewhat a soothing feeling. It was a good place to wind down my stressed mind amidst all that revision.

Number 35 Restaurant-1

Number 35 Restaurant-26

We then proceeded to No.35 (those are the actual door numbers of this building) for the main event: the food!

Number 35 Restaurant-7

Number 35 Restaurant-12

Number 35 Restaurant-9

Number 35 Restaurant-18
Hand dived Scottish scallops! I just realised that we have a tendency to order scallop when dining out, hmmm… Back to the dish, the roasted scallop is great. Lovely flavour with the texture well maintained. In case you are wondering, the other part of this is smoked black pudding, which I would not normally have. However, to my surprise, I actually quite liked it!

Number 35 Restaurant-17
Mushroom consomme, with quail egg and chicken oysters. Warm and rich, great for a cold windy night.


Number 35 Restaurant-19
Pork belly confit with caramelised parsnip, spatzle, kale and pomegranate. Tender meat and fat streaks that melt in your mouth, with a little crispy skin to balance the texture. A great energy booster it was.

Number 35 Restaurant-21
Organic Rhug Estate flat iron steak with roasted onions, braised leeks, garlic and mash. Wholesome, juicy and tender. Just purely good!

Number 35 Restaurant-8

Number 35 Restaurant-6
My make-up was bad I know!!! Imagine studying in the library for a few hours, then rushed home and did my make-up without even looking at the mirror properly :((

Number 35 Restaurant-23
Being a desert lover as I am, this is just essential! Above was a saffron poached pear with honeycomb, honey & yogurt panacotta. Warm, not too sweet with a little sourness, mouthwatering!

Number 35 Restaurant-25
Treacle tart with spiced orange slices and whiskey cream.

Number 35 Restaurant-30

Number 35 Restaurant-28 
I could not describe the tastes in as much details as I would like too. I should not have left it so long to write about it I know, but it was revision time and the computer to me was off-limit…but I can say that it is a place I will gladly visit again. Maybe a mid-autumn day next time to enjoy the garden in front of it as well.

Restaurant No.35 at The Hempel
35 Craven Hill Gardens
London W2 3EA
Tel: +44 207 298 9000

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  • Anonymous
    Posted at 02:40h, 28 February Reply

    i smiled at the last few lines. still rmb reading something along the line of “computers are offlimit” a few years ago in your old blog when you were revising for your finals. how time flies! but you still look very young and pretty!

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