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Christmas in Covent Garden

Christmas in Covent Garden

I wanted to get out and take pictures of X’mas lights in London… the goal was the X’mas tree in Trafalgar Square… but we wandered around too much that we never actually got there yesterday… plus, it was raining really hard around 8-9pm… hence we were too lazy to go to Trafalgar Square from Covent Garden…

Sunday Dec 11 2011-33

I was craving “bánh cuốn” yesterday!!! I think many will agree with me that the best place to eat “bánh cuốn@ in London is Loong Kee 😀

134G Kingsland Rd
E2 8DY

020 7729 8344

Sunday Dec 11 2011-2

Sunday Dec 11 2011-5
Grilled quail

Sunday Dec 11 2011-3
Viet was so hungry! He digged in straight away so I didn’t have any proper picture of this char-grilled pork noodle dish!

Sunday Dec 11 2011-9
Covent Garden lights!!! romantic huh?

Sunday Dec 11 2011-6

Sunday Dec 11 2011-7
It was V.I.P Shopping weekend so all the shops opened really late… which I found really…. strange… haha

Sunday Dec 11 2011-15

Sunday Dec 11 2011-16

Sunday Dec 11 2011-17
Mango shop

Sunday Dec 11 2011-12
from an antique stores

Sunday Dec 11 2011-19

Sunday Dec 11 2011-21
in the quest for my next sunglasses!!

Sunday Dec 11 2011-22
How cute!

Sunday Dec 11 2011-24
Some “tự sướng” moments with Viet

Sunday Dec 11 2011-25

Sunday Dec 11 2011-26
To tell the truth… Viet loves BUZZLIGHTYEAR!!!.. i’m actually considering buying one for him this X’mas hmmmm….

Sunday Dec 11 2011-27
Disney store is his favorite place ;))

Sunday Dec 11 2011-28

Sunday Dec 11 2011-29
We got something for our little nephew BK 🙂

Sunday Dec 11 2011-30
An artwork that I found very…. hmm…. scary…

Sunday Dec 11 2011-32
You cannot go to Covent Garden and miss the street artists… He was singing Adele…and it was raining and it was cold… simply… romantic 🙂

Sunday Dec 11 2011-39
Covent Garden at 9pm 🙂 YOU MUST LOVE ALL THE LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday Dec 11 2011-35

Sunday Dec 11 2011-36

After wandering around Covent Garden… I was quickly hungry again…
We went to the lovely “Fuel Bar” in Covent Garden

Sunday Dec 11 2011-41

Sunday Dec 11 2011-42
Somehow, I really love the decor in here..

Sunday Dec 11 2011-43
He was playing games…

Sunday Dec 11 2011-44
and I was about to facebook…

Sunday Dec 11 2011-46
Ahhhh so Yum!!!

Sunday Dec 11 2011-47
love love love the Carbonara 🙂

Sunday Dec 11 2011-49
Dinner wouldn’t be complete without dessert 🙂
Sunday Dec 11 2011-50

Sunday Dec 11 2011-52

Sunday Dec 11 2011-54

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