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Follow me to Huế and Đà Nẵng to eat!!!!!

Follow me to Huế and Đà Nẵng to eat!!!!!

My boyfriend visited my hometown several times… but he has not had much of a chance to experience Hue and Danang street food… so this time, I was determined to introduce to him all of my favorite dishes..although with 2 nights 1 day in both Hue and Danang, it would be impossible to let him try everything….

Vietnam 2012-edited-30
Top: H&M, Leggings: topshop, Shoes: LK Bennett

He arrived at dinner time in Danang, so my dad took him to Mỹ Hạnh restaurant, arguably the best place for seafood in Danang. It’s not a fancy restaurant but the seafood there is AMAZING!!! Highly recommended!

Address: Lô 17+18 Đường Sơn Trà – Điện Ngọc 
17-18 Son Tra Street, Da Nang, Vietnam

Vietnam 2012-edited-2
Daddy chose this lobster for Viet ..

Vietnam 2012-edited-5
The waiter drew the lobster’s blood out… I simply couldn’t watch :((

Vietnam 2012-edited-6
There you go, the first dish: Tiết Canh Tôm Hùm – Lobster’s blood

Vietnam 2012-edited-3
Grilled Squid

Vietnam 2012-edited-4
Fried scallop

Vietnam 2012-edited-8
Grilled Lobster! Yummy yummy!!

Vietnam 2012-edited-7
Lobster salad

Vietnam 2012-edited-9
Lobster porridge 🙂

Vietnam 2012-edited-11
Đà Nẵng city at night…

The next morning, we had “bún chả cá” (grilled chopped fish and vermicelli) for breakfast!! I love Đà Nẵng bún chả cá. Mommy and I normally had bún chả cá at the corner of Lê Hồng Phong and Phan Chu Trinh street as it is close to where she works.

Address: Le Hong Phong Street – Danang, Vietnam

vietnam-edited 2-268

If you don’t like bún chả cá, you can try “Mỳ Quảng” for breakfast in Đà Nẵng…

Address: Quảng Quán
40 Le Dinh Duong, Danang, Vietnam

vietnam-edited 2-201

vietnam-edited 2-202

vietnam-edited 2-265
How Yummy it is!!!

My favorite dish for breakfast would me “sticky rice with chicken” by “Bà Vui”!! Her breakfast place is on Lê Hồng Phong Street!!!

After having bowls of bún chả cá, Mommy, Viet and I got on the car and headed to Huế!!! It’s very fast to get to Huế from Đà Nẵng through the Hải Vân Tunnel but I don’t like the tunnel!! I love the route we normally used when I was young… Hải Vân Pass…. You can see the beauty of nature this way …

Since the tunnel opened, cars and vans don’t use this route anymore… It’s so good when you can stop in the middle of the road and… take pictures with NO OBSTACLES!

Vietnam 2012-edited-15

Vietnam 2012-edited-14

Vietnam 2012-edited-19

Vietnam 2012-edited-26

Vietnam 2012-edited-25

Vietnam 2012-edited-27
YAY!!! We reached the top of the mountain!

Vietnam 2012-edited-31

Vietnam 2012-edited-32

Vietnam 2012-edited-34

Vietnam 2012-edited-37

Vietnam 2012-edited-39

Vietnam 2012-edited-50

vietnam-edited 2-271

Vietnam 2012-edited-44

Vietnam 2012-edited-43
My beautiful mama 🙂

Vietnam 2012-edited-64
We came to visit my paternal grandparents first ..

Vietnam 2012-edited-54
Then, mommy needed her usual coffee dose…

Huế is famous for the FOOD!!! and you know the signature dishes are?
– Bánh bèo
– Bánh Nậm
– Bánh Lọc

Bà Đỏ restaurant is very famous amongst the locals and tourists… it used to be a tiny place with limited seats… but now, look at the place!!!

Bà Đỏ Restaurant
Address: 47 Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm – Huế – Việt Nam
47 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Hue, Vietnam

Vietnam 2012-edited-56

Vietnam 2012-edited-58

Vietnam 2012-edited-59

Vietnam 2012-edited-60
My favorite dish: bánh ram ít! (made from glutinuous rice flour)

Vietnam 2012-edited-61
bánh bèo – made from rice flour

Vietnam 2012-edited-62
Chả tôm – grilled chopped king-prawn

Vietnam 2012-edited-63
Bánh nậm – made from rice flour with prawn mince

To be honest, Bà Đỏ restaurant is not my favorite place to have all these dishes!!! I love “O LÉ Restaurant” more as it has the Traditional Huế House setting (nhà vườn Huế) … and my favorite dish – bánh ram it is SO MUCH BETTER!!! Plus, it’s close to my maternal grandparents’ house, on Kim Long district…. where I grew up and where my heart longs for the most when I’m in London…

vietnam-edited 2-236
The way to O Lé restaurant..

vietnam-edited 2-237

vietnam-edited 2-238

vietnam-edited 2-241
Bánh Nậm and Bánh Lọc… There are 2 types for fish sauces to use accordingly.. The salty one for bánh lọc and the the sweeter one for bánh nậm..

vietnam-edited 2-242
Bánh nậm

vietnam-edited 2-243
Bánh lọc

vietnam-edited 2-244
Bánh Ram ít!!!

The next stop: Bánh canh bà Đợi on Nguyễn Trãi Street…

You can translate “Bà Đợi” as… “Mrs. Wait”.. haha, she was very famous for her “Bánh Canh”, it takes ages for her to serve the food… We normally have to wait up to 1 hour… hence, came the name…

Now there are 3 places where you can eat “bánh canh Bà Đợi”… Go to the one on Nguyen Trai street, near Nội Thành Huế… you don’t have to wait long at all and the food is still AH-MAZING!


Original Restaurant: 40 Đào Duy Anh Street
2nd branch: 9 Nguyễn Trãi street
3rd branch: 34 Ngô Gia Tự Street

Vietnam 2012-edited-65

vietnam-edited 2-251
It may not look yummi at first …

Vietnam 2012-edited-67
You have to add color, salt, pepper according to your taste..

Vietnam 2012-edited-68
Now it is ready to be eaten hehe!

Vietnam 2012-edited-66
Seriously cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in case you are wondering, that is about 50p for a large special, and 20p for a small bowl)

Okay, this is my FAVORITE dish of ALL in Huế… it’s 5′ from my grandparents house. Kim Long district is very famous for grilled meat… and Huyền Anh restaurant is SUPER-FAMOUS for “bánh ướt thịt nướng” – grilled meat and rice paper

Vietnam 2012-edited-69

Vietnam 2012-edited-72

Vietnam 2012-edited-76

Vietnam 2012-edited-78
Grilled meat with Huế vermicelli

Vietnam 2012-edited-77

Vietnam 2012-edited-79
Rice paper with grilled meat!

Vietnam 2012-edited-75

We were on Kim Long, naturally it took us to my maternal grandparents’ house which held all of my childhood memories…

Vietnam 2012-edited-81
Me and grandma

Vietnam 2012-edited-80
Grandma is the BEST COOK in my dictionary and in my HEART!!! She knew that I ate loads before coming so she prepared a vegetarian salad dish for me…

Vietnam 2012-edited-82

Vietnam 2012-edited-83

Vietnam 2012-edited-86

Vietnam 2012-edited-85

Vietnam 2012-edited-88

Then I took Viet to my kindergarten school – “Mầm non 2”. My aunts were my teachers and they still teach at the same kindergarten…

Vietnam 2012-edited-89

Vietnam 2012-edited-91

vietnam-edited 2-53

The last place in Huế to introduce to you is Cồn Hến… It’s very famous for Bún Hến – small mussels with noodles

Vietnam 2012-edited-94

Vietnam 2012-edited-95

Vietnam 2012-edited-97

Vietnam 2012-edited-98

Vietnam 2012-edited-101

vietnam-edited 2-234
I normally have the dish without the mussels as I’m not allowed to have mussels for the rest of my life..

Vietnam 2012-edited-99
Sweet Corn soup… – Chè Bắp!!!!

Vietnam 2012-edited-100

From there, we said bye-bye to Huế and headed back to Đà Nẵng… Please don’t forget to visit Bà Sửu restaurant on 1A Highway to have the best roasted suckling pig with rice paper!!!!

Vietnam 2012-edited-102

Vietnam 2012-edited-105

Vietnam 2012-edited-104

Vietnam 2012-edited-103

Vietnam 2012-edited-106

vietnam-edited 2-4
Beef poridge

Back to Đà Nẵng, we were all so full and couldn’t go for dinner straight away… Daddy drove us to Linh Ứng temple…

Vietnam 2012-edited-107

Vietnam 2012-edited-108
This is where you get the best view of Đà Nẵng…

Vietnam 2012-edited-112

Vietnam 2012-edited-110

Guess what we had for dinner??? Port with rice paper – Banh uot thit heo 😀
Vietnam 2012-edited-114

Vietnam 2012-edited-115

Vietnam 2012-edited-116
Me and mommy and daddy 🙂

THAT’S IT!!! The end of Viet’s FOOD TRIP to Huế and Đà Nẵng!!!


Bonus pictures 😀

Grandma was making my favorite dessert – chè bột lọc

vietnam-edited 2-45

vietnam-edited 2-46

vietnam-edited 2-227

vietnam-edited 2-254

vietnam-edited 2-255
Bánh chưng Huế, the size is like 1/4 of those in other regions
vietnam-edited 2-245

vietnam-edited 2-275

vietnam-edited 2-231
Vỹ Dạ Xưa – nice coffee place 🙂

vietnam-edited 2-229

vietnam-edited 2-228

vietnam-edited 2-263

vietnam-edited 2-266

Danang changes everytime I get back … but Hue, where I was born and spent my childhool years, stays the same through all these years of me being away… Some people complain.. but I don’t want Hue to change… I want Hue to stay like that, peaceful and close to my heart… Hue gives me the sense of belonging… and that’s all I need 🙂


  • S k y
    Posted at 01:06h, 27 January Reply

    why didn’t u introduce your bf DN Banh Canh cha? ca’, Bun’ mam’? It’s a must-have ^^

  • Ca Dao
    Posted at 11:31h, 26 January Reply

    Em oi, an tu 11h den 4h chieu nhu rua la nhieu lam roi do :)) Banh canh nam pho chi lam anh Viet an roi… voi lai chi chi thich mot ba` hay ga’nh qua Kim Long, bh con dau^ ba` ay ba’n ko duoc ngon nhu ngay xua nua…

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 00:29h, 20 January Reply

    ahh ngon qua chi oi:D. em thi hay an banh beo nam loc o duong vo thi sau, quan hang Me do chi:D.. em thay con thieu 1 mon ngon o hue la banh canh nam pho nua chi oi:D

  • Ca Dao
    Posted at 22:27h, 19 January Reply

    haha! are you going to visit Vietnam soon? when is the wedding?

  • quynhnga vu
    Posted at 22:05h, 19 January Reply

    love every thing u posted…especially when u add the address and lots of food^^ uhhh now i know where to go when i want seafood ..YUMMI

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