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Secret cinema – enjoy the experience :)

Secret cinema – enjoy the experience :)

If you’re bored with the traditional cinema, you’ll be excited to know about secret cinema. It’s interactive and it’s LIVE! Another interesting point is that you do not know the film and the location until the last minute… Regular communication from the Secret Cinema team will be sent to you in form of a telegram! How awesome, right?

Secret cinema Jan 11-28

Expect live music, interaction with actors as you stumble across the set!

First day back in London after New Year, we went to a Secret Cinema event…

The instruction and map we received the day before, telling us of the meeting point and the route. Upon the agreed time, a team of men in uniform approached us, and discretely led everyone rushing through alleys after alleys, towards the International Zone…




Behind the closed gates, the International Zone awaited us…

Secret cinema Jan 11-27


Secret cinema Jan 11-32
OKAY, one huge tip from me…. DO NOT WEAR HIGH HEELS!!!! Man, I would have enjoy the experience much more if I wore flats… easier to navigate…. hmmm


After another journey through back doors, overwater, and underground, we finally reached the destination, a live setting of the post-war time, with characters, objects, and structures, everything well put together and you would really feel the atmosphere of the yesteryears…

Secret cinema Jan 11-10

Secret cinema Jan 11-4

And you need to exchange the money for all the purchases….
Secret cinema Jan 11-5

Secret cinema Jan 11-3

Secret cinema Jan 11-2

Secret cinema Jan 11-6

Secret cinema Jan 11-7

Secret cinema Jan 11-8

Secret cinema Jan 11-11

Secret cinema Jan 11-9

Secret cinema Jan 11-12

Secret cinema Jan 11-14

My general!!!
Secret cinema Jan 11-15

Secret cinema Jan 11-17
Don’t you think he looks like Rhett Butler???
Secret cinema Jan 11-16
We had a sing and dance lesson with this general 🙂

Secret cinema Jan 11-18

Secret cinema Jan 11-19

Secret cinema Jan 11-20

Secret cinema Jan 11-21

Secret cinema Jan 11-22
and… I wore FUR!!!

Secret cinema Jan 11-23

Secret cinema Jan 11-24

Secret cinema Jan 11-25
Another great performance from the actors and actresses…
Secret cinema Jan 11-26

Secret cinema Jan 11-31

Check it out! So worth the price 🙂

What I wore:
ASOS Dress
LK Bennett Shoes
Fur Jacket – made in Vietnam
MK Bag

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