Sunday, Pierre Herme Macarons and Harrods Morelli's Ice Cream - A Class of Her Own
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Sunday, Pierre Herme Macarons and Harrods Morelli’s Ice Cream

Sunday, Pierre Herme Macarons and Harrods Morelli’s Ice Cream

I woke up this morning craving macarons…. and where else would we go for these beauty pastries right?

6th First Date-1

6th First Date-2

6th First Date-3

6th First Date-4

6th First Date-6

6th First Date-7

6th First Date-8

6th First Date-10

Then we went to Harrods for ICE CREAM!

6th First Date-13

6th First Date-14

6th First Date-12

6th First Date-15

Interestingly, while having Ice Cream at Morelli, we listened to Parla Più by the pizza cook at Canti right across….

We went to Harrods for furniture ideas …. but it wouldn’t hurt for me to go the shoe gallery… RIGHT?

6th First Date-17

6th First Date-16

6th First Date-20

6th First Date-22

6th First Date-23

6th First Date-24

End of our Sunday… Back to work tomorrow 🙂

What I wore:
Longo by James Long For ASOS Embellished Jumper

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