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Valentine’s Day ft. Marshmallow Tree and Artisan du Chocolat

Valentine’s Day ft. Marshmallow Tree and Artisan du Chocolat

Valentine’s Day was 2 days ago but I still feel so warm and loved…

Valentine 2012_edited-46

To me, a Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a single rose and chocolate… and mine was just … perfect!

Valentine 2012_edited-1

Valentine 2012_edited-8
It was the most beautiful rose I have ever seen…
Valentine 2012_edited-3

Valentine 2012_edited-9
Beautifully crafted chocolate… Viet never fail to surprise me on Valentine’s Day… each year, I discover a new type of chocolate, each year I love and love him even more for all the thoughts he put in for this special day… He really opens my eyes to this world of chocolate  🙂

Valentine 2012_edited-5
I have to say… this is my FAVORITE gift… EVER!! I love marshmallow!! What a beautiful tree of marshmallows!!! It looks like a blooming flower… I told myself to have one each day… how impossible it is!! I’ve already destroyed half of this blooming delicious flower!!!

Valentine 2012_edited-73

Valentine 2012_edited-76

Valentine 2012_edited-70

Valentine 2012_edited-71

Valentine 2012_edited-72
I loved it soo much!!!! My babi really knows me best!!!

Valentine 2012_edited-15
Viet couldn’t get out of work till 9pm… so we only started our date then… Trocadero was the next stop… Unfortunately it was being refurbished so we couldn’t play any games :((

Valentine 2012_edited-14

Valentine 2012_edited-13

Valentine 2012_edited-16
Then, we went for Ice cream…

Valentine 2012_edited-21

Valentine 2012_edited-25

Valentine 2012_edited-24

Valentine 2012_edited-27

Valentine 2012_edited-28

Valentine 2012_edited-26

Valentine 2012_edited-22

… and M&M WORLD..

Valentine 2012_edited-34

Valentine 2012_edited-33

Valentine 2012_edited-44

Valentine 2012_edited-48

Valentine 2012_edited-52

Valentine 2012_edited-53

Valentine 2012_edited-54

Valentine 2012_edited-58

Valentine 2012_edited-59

Valentine 2012_edited-60

Valentine 2012_edited-61

Valentine 2012_edited-62

Valentine 2012_edited-64

Valentine 2012_edited-65

Valentine 2012_edited-67

Valentine 2012_edited-66

Valentine 2012_edited-68

Valentine 2012_edited-69

Hope everyone had a great time!! Viet and I certainly did!

What I wore:
ASOS dress
DP Shoes
What Viet wore:
Zara Coat
Fratelli Rossetti Shoes
McQueen Scarf
  • quynhnga vu
    Posted at 00:45h, 17 February Reply

    Envy u. My day was a busy day at work, watching ppl going out, dinning at my place, what a luck that many of them didn’t came for celebrating Valentine’s day. They are more or less in bigger group, so not many lovebirds to look at. My boyfriend excuse was. ” I got off from work late, everything was closed at 11 pm, but even if I didn’t have to work till late I guess i wouldn’t have bought u chocolate or roses cause for me Valentine is just another day (haiz . I love u everyday and celebrate everyday so Valentine have no meaning for me”. HAIZZZZZZZZZ it’s alrite that he loves me everyday, but I also want to celebrate Valentine’s day coz getting chocolate and roses on that day is so much more romantic. That day the air is filled with more love than other day, so those who says they don’t like to receive chocolate or roses on that day are liar. So looking at ur wonderful pictures with a great day makes me envy u so much. I enven told my boyfriend how disappointing i was and since he didn’t bought chocolate for me, i got a box 4 him, but i’ gonna eat them too. U look happy and fab in ur dress, loves the shoes^^

    • Ca Dao
      Posted at 10:04h, 17 February Reply

      Nga, I think you need to tell your boyfriend that… you love to have chocolate and roses on V-day 🙂 It may seem cliche but who cares? He’s your boyfriend and he will want to make you happy wont he? All these little things that keep the love going xx

  • Ngan Vu
    Posted at 23:56h, 16 February Reply

    hmmm sao luc no di date voi m no k xinh the nay, di date voi anh giai no’ no’ xinh the B))

    • Ca Dao
      Posted at 06:50h, 17 February Reply

      ho*ho* luc nao chang xinh :))

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