US Trip - Cousin Love in Bethlehem - A Class of Her Own
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US Trip – Cousin Love in Bethlehem

US Trip – Cousin Love in Bethlehem

We started our US trip with a short visit to my aunt’s home in the peaceful town of Bethlehem. My cutie cousin, Minu is going to elementary school this autumn..

shopping in bethlehem 2


send Minu to school

shopping 1

shopping in bethlehem 3

shopping in bethlehem 5

Look how pretty she is!!
Anh Minu-18

Minu loves to indulge herself in the world of books
Anh Minu-2

and LEGO… Anh Minu-9

How lovely to look at her innocent and beautiful mind… Don’t we all dream to be our child-self once more??


What I wore:
Topshop Pants
Zara Blazer
Victoria Beckham sunglasses
Louis Vuitton Bag

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