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US Trip – When in Miami (I)

US Trip – When in Miami (I)

When we were in Miami, we did a small photoshoot…. I originally planned for us to take these photos right after sunrise but it was super difficult to get up early when you’re on holiday!!!!

We took these photos when the it was ABSOLUTELY BURNING!!!!! I seriously couldn’t handle the heat, the humidity… The below photos were the results of a 30-min “photoshoot” hehe!

Miami Photoshoot-20

Miami Photoshoot-1

Miami Photoshoot-18

Miami Photoshoot-19

Miami Photoshoot-16

Miami Photoshoot-15


Miami Photoshoot-7

Miami Photoshoot-6

Miami Photoshoot-3

Miami Photoshoot-9

Miami Photoshoot-28

Miami Photoshoot-29

Miami Photoshoot-8

Miami Photoshoot-50

Miami Photoshoot-14
Miami Photoshoot-11

Miami Photoshoot-13

Miami Photoshoot-12

Miami Photoshoot-23


Photographer: Viet Phan
Dress: River Island
Shoes: Gucci

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