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US TRIP – Rainy Orlando!

US TRIP – Rainy Orlando!

We went to Florida in the desperate hope for sunny scenes… and we had thunderstorms in stead… You know when you pictured something and you didn’t get it, you would feel pretty UPSET!!!! At least, I was!!! You cannot do much with the rain really 🙁 But one thing saved the holiday, meeting up with my brother after 2 years was lovely 🙂

Today is his 23th birthday!!! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEER!!

Orlando_Day 1-1 After 2 years not seeing each other, BEER IS NOW FATTER!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Orlando_Day 1-6We arrived in Orlando, headed straight to Disney Downtown… and then had a lovely dinner with Beer’s American family hehe. They’re the loveliest people on the planet, I’m so grateful that Beer has the opportunity to have met all the wonderful people there.
Orlando_Day 1-7I and Beer’s girlfriend 😉 Orlando_Day 1-8
Orlando_Day 1-9
CaDao with the first attempt to drive in the US of A! I was just actually playing with Beer’s car :))
Orlando_Day 1-14

Short visit… but I felt warm..

Orlando_Day 1-15We went to watch La Nouba later on… All of you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cirque Du Soleil… Having watched Ka, Varekai and Totem, La Nouba was probably the only one that I’m not really impressed by. Was is because of the music? The story? The performance? I’m not sure… just felt dissatisfied after watching it…

Orlando_Day 1-17 In the hotel – planning which rides to take in the Magic Kingdom the next day!!
Orlando_Day 1-19

Orlando_Day 1-20
YAY!! I’m ready for the Magic Kingdom!

Orlando_Day 1-21Viet with his Angry Bird Shirt!!!

Orlando_Day 1-45

Orlando_Day 1-42

Orlando_Day 1-22

Orlando_Day 1-23

Orlando_Day 1-24

Orlando_Day 1-26

Orlando_Day 1-27
That Turkey LEG WAS HUGE!!!

Orlando_Day 1-28

Orlando_Day 1-30

Orlando_Day 1-31

Orlando_Day 1-39
I wouldn’t say it was the best time… The rain, the heat, the humidity and the super long queue really put us off!!! It rained really hard later that day that some rides were shut down!!! I WAS SO UNHAPPY!!!!

Orlando_Day 1-38 Orlando_Day 1-37 Orlando_Day 1-36 Orlando_Day 1-34

Orlando_Day 1-41

Orlando_Day 1-50

Orlando_Day 1-51 Orlando_Day 1-52 Orlando_Day 1-55 Orlando_Day 1-56 Orlando_Day 1-57 Orlando_Day 1-60

Orlando_Day 1-61 Orlando_Day 1-62 Orlando_Day 1-63
all the 3D ghosts were really FUNNY!!!!

Orlando_Day 1-65
My 2 hour queue to see Belle!!!

Orlando_Day 1-69
Turned out she was…. lost in the woods somewhere… 🙁 At least I managed to see Cinderella 🙂

Orlando_Day 1-68

Orlando_Day 1-71

Orlando_Day 1-79

Orlando_Day 1-73

Orlando_Day 1-77

The rain kept pouring really hard that we had to stay indoor!! I came all the way to see the Fireworks at night… and nearly missed it as the show was on the verge of getting cancelled!!! STUPID RAIN!

Orlando_Day 1-82

Orlando_Day 1-83

Electrical Parade!!!

Orlando_Day 1-87

Orlando_Day 1-89
Alice in Wonderland!

Orlando_Day 1-93 Orlando_Day 1-96 Orlando_Day 1-97 Orlando_Day 1-105

Orlando_Day 1-108

At the hotel the next morning… getting ready for our Miami Road Trip woo hoo!



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