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Vietnam Summer Festival – The Journey (II)

Vietnam Summer Festival – The Journey (II)

For the past week, I’ve searched through the internet for all the pictures of the Festival. Most of the photos on this post were not taken by me.


Photos Credit:

– TDJ Studio
– John Sturrock
– Citizenside (
– Vu Kim Thanh (

1. Opening Performance: Vietnamese Drums

The sound of the beating drums in traditional Vietnamese culture represents the beginning of the festivities from the small villages to national scale festivals, such as the 1000 years of Hanoi, with the presence of 1000 drums playing in unison.

Performed by Bong Sen Art Troupe and a group of Vietnamese financiers in London

_MG_5335 _MG_5354 120714_047_m anh 4vukimthanh9262c540 vukimthanh9258 vukimthanh8860c540

2. Opening Speeches: by Dat Pham from Vietpro (organising party) and Ms Jennette Arnold, London Assembly member for North East London.
_MG_5370_MG_5374 _MG_5400 The event was officially started with the ribbon cutting ceremony by Mr. Minh Vu, Ambassador of Vietnam to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ms Jennette Arnold, London Assembly member for North East London and other VIP Guests.

 3. Dance: 4-piece dress dance, by Bong Sen Art Troupe all the way from Hochiminh City

_MG_5819 _MG_5411 _MG_5415 120714_078_m Anh 36 _MG_5828 120714_079_m 120714_081_m

4. Singing: Beo Dat May Troi, by Phuong Truong


5. Traditional Musical Instrument : Dinh Pa, hand-made from bamboo, performed by artist Pham Hoang Anh from Bong Sen Art Troupe

_MG_5464 _MG_5465 _MG_5473 _MG_5480 vukimthanh9404c540

6. Full Moon Dance : depicting the pure love between young people during festivities, performed by a team of Vietnamese professional financiers in London 🙂

vukimthanh9321C540 vukimthanh9322 120714_100_m _MG_5840 _MG_5500

(to be continued)

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