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Vietnam Summer Festival – The Journey (III)

Vietnam Summer Festival – The Journey (III)

Continued from previous post!

Photos Credit:

– TDJ Studio
– John Sturrock
– Citizenside (
– Vu Kim Thanh (


7. Ao Dai Fashion Show: The “Ao Dai” is the national costume for the Vietnamese woman. It magnifies the most beautiful features of the woman’s body in grace and simplicity. Historically in the Royal Courts, the aodai is made up of the finest silks and worn with a matching silk headdress.

The image of the Vietnamese woman in a traditional Ao Dai is often romanticised in many songs and literary works, and it is also one of the national symbols.

_MG_5541 _MG_5545 _MG_5558 _MG_5561 _MG_5578 120714_151_m 120714_166_m Vietnamese cultural dance performance Vietnamese cultural dance performancevukimthanh8990c540

8. Rapping Oi Gioi Oi: the most interesting performance from Ian Paynton! Ian brought a new wave of energy to the show, making the whole crowd shouting “Oi Gioi Oi” (meaning Oh My God in Vietnamese)!!!! It was very fortunate to have Ian in the show, he was also an amazing host, together with Zoe Duong Vu! Without them, the show wouldn’t have been able to flow so smoothly!!!

120714_194_m _MG_5596 _MG_5600 _MG_5601 120714_192_m

9. Singing “Chau Van Hue”: music from Hue, the Imperial City! This is a religious form of art that has existed for centuries, often used for extolling the merits of beneficent deities or national heroes.

Performed by singer Hoai Phuong and artist Pham Hoang Anh from Bong Sen Art Troupe!

_MG_5615_MG_5619 _MG_5621 120714_197_m 1334029 1334032

10. Fashion Show:

– Ethnic Minority Costumes
– Collection by Duong Nguyen, Vietnamese Designer in London
– Collection by Chau Nguyen, Vietnamese Designer in London

Spitalfields Market hosts the Inaugural Vietnam Summer Festival
My babe Thu May flew over from Prague to support me! Thanks so much babe xx

First part: Ethnic Minority Fashion

With a population of about 88 million people, Vietnam is home to 54 ethnic minorities living in cities, towns and villages across the country. If you take a trip along the length of the country, you will not only hear diversifying accents, taste different cuisines, but will also see a rainbow of colours and traditions…

120714_209_m Spitalfields Market hosts the Inaugural Vietnam Summer Festival 1333869 1333875 Spitalfields Market hosts the Inaugural Vietnam Summer Festival 120714_211_m 120714_210_m

Second part: Collection by my talented sis, Duong Nguyen

1333843 1333866 vi 1333868 1333832 1333819 1333812 1333790 1333785 1333824

3rd Part: Collection by the talented friend, Chau Nguyen.

Unfortunately, I cannot find many pictures with this collection on the internet!!! Please send me the pix if you happened to have taken any!!

1333864 Contemporary Vietnamese fashion Designers show Contemporary Vietnamese fashion Designers show

11. Ethnic Minority Dance by children: “Inh La Oi” Dance

A performance put together by 4 young artists, who were born and raised in the UK, and all have a desire to share some cultural treats from their homeland…

_MG_5534 _MG_5517 _MG_5515 _MG_5521 120714_124_m 120714_126_m

12. Dance: Vietnam, My Country Performed by singer Hoai Phuong, dancers from Bong Sen Art Troupe and a group of Vietnamese in London.

120714_220_m 120714_232_m 120714_233_m Vietnamese cultural dance performance

13. Vietnamese POP music: by the 22nd Fret Band
_MG_5844Contemporary Vietnamese fashion Designers show _MG_5287 _MG_5688 _MG_5681 _MG_5685 _MG_5676 _MG_5664

14. Monochord musical instrument: performed by the talented artist Hoang Anh from Bong Sen Theatre

vukimthanh9285c540_MG_5805 _MG_5802

15. Bamboo Dance:

_MG_5755_MG_5763 _MG_5769
My beautiful host also did the bamboo dance….


_MG_5737 _MG_5738 _MG_5741 120714_274_m

We put our hearts and souls into the performance… All we wanted to do was to bring you to Vietnam for a day… to enable you to experience the rich culture that we have to offer… The show might not be perfect but the energy we brought was perfect!

I’m proud of my team, I’m proud to be able to contribute a small part into this magnificent project…

We’ll see you next year!!!



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