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Vietnam Summer Festival – The journey

Vietnam Summer Festival – The journey

After several months being part of the organising team of Vietnam Summer Festival, I can finally say that… WE DID IT!!! WE DREAMT BIG and WE MADE IT BIG!!!

The event turned out extremely WELL despite the RAIN!!! I’m so proud to be part of the team that brings Vietnamese culture to London!!!!!!

I can still remember very clearly the very first day Vietpro member contacted me to lead the Performance part of the Festival… not hesitating for a second, I said YES!

So many many challenges, so many many obstacles… but I got all the support from my awesome, talented friends..

Let’s look at our Performance Team’s Journey through the below pictures….

Oh how I miss…..

those early Saturday morning meetings with my team members to discuss all the issues…

those breakfasts at Starbucks…

Bong Sen edited-61
practices….. days and nights….


in Brunch Bowl

Bong Sen edited-62

in Classrooms

on the streets of London…

we practiced until we went nuts…

we practiced even when we were sleepy…

Oh how I miss those sleepless nights spent on editing the music…

and how I miss those desserts prepared for the team by the most caring friends on earth…

Bong Sen edited-4
Practice for the Ao Dai Performance under Vuong Linh & Dang Hung’s supervision… Vuong Linh is the most passionate teacher I have ever seen… How fortunate I am to have worked with her…

Bong Sen edited-66 Bong Sen edited-7
Bong Sen edited-73 Bong Sen edited-72 Bong Sen edited-64
Bong Sen edited-5

Bong Sen edited-70

Bong Sen edited-3

Bong Sen edited-2

Bong Sen edited-1
My handsome AoDai’s boys!

Bong Sen edited-9
Bong Sen edited-68 Costume fitting!

Bong Sen edited-11

And … we will never forget those warm meals together, won’t we?


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