Just another excuse to DINE OUT... 6.5 years and SUSHISAMBA - A Class of Her Own
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Just another excuse to DINE OUT… 6.5 years and SUSHISAMBA

Just another excuse to DINE OUT… 6.5 years and SUSHISAMBA

I learnt about this restaurant from my colleague and couldn’t wait to take Viet out!! He knew that I would take him out on the 19th of Aug but he had no idea where we were heading to…

6 years 6 months anniversary-19

As usual, warming up for dinner ¬†= photo session… I’m pathetic I know ūüėÄ

6 years 6 months anniversary-17

6 years 6 months anniversary-21

6 years 6 months anniversary-22

6 years 6 months anniversary-5

YAY! Arrived at HERON TOWER, all the way up to level 38, and the place is SUSHISAMBA!!!

6 years 6 months anniversary-34

Best view we have had yet at a restaurant in London!!! Even better than Tower 42!! REALLY!


6 years 6 months anniversary-36
Tower Bridge afar…

6 years 6 months anniversary-33

Ice cold cocktails for London’s hottest weekend of the year, perfect! Above is the “Shisho fine”, with¬†Ketel One vodka infused with Japanese shiso leaves, cr√®me de peche, red thai basil syrup, apple, lime and¬†cr√®me de cassis. Talk about fruitiness!!

6 years 6 months anniversary-32

Nina Fresa(r) Ketel – Ketel One Vodka with¬†freshly squeezed lime, grapefruit and guava juice, and sweetened with strawberry pur√©e simple syrup. That’s a combination that guarantees to quench your thirst!!!

6 years 6 months anniversary-28

Sushi Samba London is the fifth branch of this chain, and the first outside of the US. It carries a blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culinary cultures, and does so quite well I must say.

6 years 6 months anniversary-29

Appetiser – Green bean tempura with black truffle aioli. The bean is not that special, bean is bean, but the aioli is what makes it worth trying.

6 years 6 months anniversary-37

Black cod miso and pickled green apple, the fish has a rich flavour and firm texture, the miso sauce blends in well to bring up the taste, and the pickled apple brought quite an interesting twist to the dish.

6 years 6 months anniversary-40

Kuromitsu glazed pork belly wraps with palmito, orange, bib lettuce. Small but good! I love the kuromitsu taste, covering the rich pork belly piece, all wrapped in the crunchy lettuce together with palm heart and palm heart. Sweet, slightly sour, and freshly crunchy, everything in one bite. Heavenly.

6 years 6 months anniversary-42

Flank steak with miso, juicy beef pieces on a skewers. I wish there was more though.

6 years 6 months anniversary-41

Now this is an interesting one, coconut rice which came out nothing like what we were expecting (not in a bad way). It is not like the Thai coconut jasmine rice, neither is it like the Japanese rice we thought of. The rice appear to have been cooked with more water, soft and very easy to eat. The faint fragrant and flavour of coconut makes it quite appetising on its own some how. Coconut milk was used just right in this.

6 years 6 months anniversary-44

Samba Rolls, with crab, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, prawn, scallop, wagyu, avocado, tempura crunch,wasabi mayo, aji panca, housemade soy reduction, all of these things split into 6 small pieces of sushi roll. I did not quite fancy the texture of the rice in these rolls, but the garnish (or rather, the main characters) of fish, prawn, beef together with the fillings made each piece a pleasant bite!

6 years 6 months anniversary-48

6 years 6 months anniversary-49

Of course, I would not miss the ice cream mochi, as long as it is present in the menu!!!

6 years 6 months anniversary-51

6 years 6 months anniversary-52

The view from here is great! Unobstructed (well, depending on how you consider the Gherkin of course) panoramic view of our beloved London. Our timing was also perfect, we came when it was bright, and watched the sky slowly turning orange then dark, with London’s slights gradually turned on.

6 years 6 months anniversary-53

6 years 6 months anniversary-54

6 years 6 months anniversary-61

London at dusk from above, simply gorgeous!!!!!!

6 years 6 months anniversary-60

6 years 6 months anniversary-62

6 years 6 months anniversary-64

The positive about this restaurant does not stop at the food and the view, interior decor is also quite creatively pretty. The service quality is also quite good, friendly and efficient. Although it was not a super busy night, so I can’t speak for when the restaurant is full.

6 years 6 months anniversary-66

6 years 6 months anniversary-68

6 years 6 months anniversary-70

6 years 6 months anniversary-71 6 years 6 months anniversary-72

6 years 6 months anniversary-73

6 years 6 months anniversary-74



Heron Tower
110 Bishopsgate
London, EC2N 4AY
+44 (0)203 640 7330

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