London Love - St Katharine Docks - A Class of Her Own
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London Love – St Katharine Docks

London Love – St Katharine Docks

As promised, pictures of St Katharine Docks, 10′ walk from where I live!!

Oh how I love my new neighborhood!!

St Katharine's Dock-1

It was a sunny day in May, Viet and I decided to walk to St Katharine Docks…

St Katharine's Dock-3

St Katharine's Dock-4

St Katharine's Dock-8
So lovely….

St Katharine's Dock-9

St Katharine's Dock-7

St Katharine's Dock-5

St Katharine's Dock-6

St Katharine's Dock-22

There are so many restaurants around this area, we randomly went into this lovely one for lunch …

St Katharine's Dock-10

St Katharine's Dock-13

St Katharine's Dock-12

St Katharine's Dock-15

St Katharine's Dock-17

St Katharine's Dock-16

St Katharine's Dock-18

St Katharine's Dock-19

It is a little hard for me to write much in details about the food after 3 months, but I remember it being pretty delicious!!

What I wore

ASOS maxi dress
Red Valentino Wedges
Dior bag
Victoria Beckham shades

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