US Trip - Miami Night 1 - A Class of Her Own
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US Trip – Miami Night 1

US Trip – Miami Night 1

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After a an easy 4 hour drive from Orlando, we made it to Miami!!! We stayed at The Palms Hotel, a nice little resort in the north part of South Beach with ocean facing rooms and a swimming pool that is literally steps from the beach. Quite a good place with friendly staff and a room with a wonderful view. However, there is a construction site nearby, which lays dormant at the weekend, but on the Monday morning when we were about to leave, noise started to come and thankfully we did not have to put up with any of that the days before.

We reached Miami just around dinner time, and after running through a few names on the list, we called Nobu for a last minute table and they managed to fit us in. However the experience did not quite live up to the expectation that night. If I were writing this that very night, I could have provided more detailed thoughts on each dish, it’s been quite sometime, and especially since we were not exactly impressed by the food, not much of the taste can be recalled now. The food was not too bad (except for the salad which was apparently overdosed with dressing…), but neither was it anything special, at least not what we were expecting for our first visit to any of the Nobu’s.

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The only dish that made us happy that evening was the desert, Harumaki (which consists of Banana, Dulce de Leche, and Shiso Spring Rolls, Sesame Ice Cream, Passion Fruit Sauce). It had just the right level of sweetness in the rolls and the ice cream, and sourness in the sauce. At least it brought a good closure to our first dinner in Miami.

Orlando_Day 0-1

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