US Trip - Most unique Restaurant BARTON G - A Class of Her Own
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US Trip – Most unique Restaurant BARTON G

US Trip – Most unique Restaurant BARTON G

For our last dinner in Miami, we managed to get a table at Barton G The Restaurant, and what an interesting experience!! We would have liked to see the Villa as well, but unfortunately it is not opened on Sunday from June to October. Nonetheless, The Restaurant did not fail to impress at all.

Miami _ RELAX!!!!-115

Miami _ RELAX!!!!-110
Miami _ RELAX!!!!-112 Miami _ RELAX!!!!-113 Miami _ RELAX!!!!-114

Barton G’s venues are known for their focus on presentation, and this was no exception. What you see above is the bread and butter. Tastes good, and never before had we enjoyed dipping the bread as much. Kinda reminds you of the Yan Yan sticks, do they not?

Miami _ RELAX!!!!-123 Miami _ RELAX!!!!-116

My South Beach Refresher, which is a blend of fresh lemon, lime and orange juices. That ice cold citrus touch was just what I needed after such a hot day!!! Refreshing indeed!

Miami _ RELAX!!!!-118 Miami _ RELAX!!!!-120

This one is called Buddhalicious – pear infused vodka, lychee and cranberry juice served with a nitrogenised pop of pear vodka. Yes, that white cube on the stick is pear vodka flash frozen using liquid nitrogen. Dipped it into the combination of vodka and juice, watched all that vapour caused by sublimation, took a sip, and WOW, it cooled me down straight to the back of my head!!!

Miami _ RELAX!!!!-121 Miami _ RELAX!!!!-124

The appetiser, Coconut Crusted Voodoo Shrimp, stuffed with crabmeat and japanese seaweed salad with charred pineapple mango chutney. Crunchy outside, firm and chewy in side, the chutney was sweet and fragrant. Great combination!

Miami _ RELAX!!!!-125 Miami _ RELAX!!!!-130

Here comes the star of the night – our Surf and Turf!! Remember what I said about their presentation? Well, they tread very skilfully on the border of outrageousness!!! Their presentation of the food is truly to be remembered.

Miami _ RELAX!!!!-131 Miami _ RELAX!!!!-132

As you might have guessed, this consists of grill skirt steak and a lobster. The beef was juicy and tender, and the lobster, well, large lobster, firm meat and rich in flavours, I guess that describes it enough. It was delicious, and the portion was HUGE. Just the way we like it!!!

Miami _ RELAX!!!!-134 Miami _ RELAX!!!!-135 Miami _ RELAX!!!!-136

An iPad for the main menu, and a little iPhone for the desserts, Apple is everywhere around us eh? However we were too full so we went straight to…

Miami _ RELAX!!!!-137

…the DAMAGE!!

Overall, it was a really good experience, the food was good, the presentation was unique, the service was quick, and our waiter was extremely friendly and efficient! Would definitely recommend if you are in South Beach.

Barton G – The Restaurant
Address: 1427 West Avenue, Miami Beach 33139
Tel: +1 (305) 672 8881

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