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7th year of love

7th year of love

7th anniversary_edited-39

Seven is seemingly a large figure to some… but a short one to us…. It was only the very beginning of the long journey we will make together, of the time ahead when my hands will always be tightly held within yours…

Happy anniversary to my beast x

Viet rushed home roughly around 7h48 and I was too worried we would miss the experience of going up the Shard. I LOVE HEIGHT! so the moment they opened for public, I booked the experience on our anniversary..Standing 309.6 metres, it’s the tallest building in the European Union and the 2nd tallest in Europe!

7th anniversary_edited-1

7th anniversary_edited-2

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7th anniversary_edited-23

Then, Viet took me to dinner… Somehow I sensed that it would be Clos Maggiore!! We went there 7 years ago and I have always always wanted to go back!! I asked him “is it Clos Maggiore?”… He was like “How do you know?”… It’s like that for us… we read each other’s mind…

7th anniversary_edited-25

7th anniversary_edited-27
The most romantic restaurant in London!!!

7th anniversary_edited-26

7th anniversary_edited-28

7th anniversary_edited-29

7th anniversary_edited-31

7th anniversary_edited-33

7th anniversary_edited-34

7th anniversary_edited-36

After dinner, he drove me home… I went up first while he tried to park the car!! 2 mins were just enough for me to pull this off!



7th anniversary_edited-50

I had to rush home from work at 5h30, went home and made the frosting for the cake I baked the day before in secret! I didn’t have enough time so the decoration was a bit …. bad haha! I’ll do better next time! It tastes delicious though!!!

Voila, my red velvet cake!

7th anniversary_edited-37

7th anniversary_edited-39

7th anniversary_edited-41

7th anniversary_edited-42
I researched a lot about beverages with red color last year to gift Viet for Valentines.. and found this beautiful Rose Cognac. However it wasn’t available in the UK until this year!!!!

7th anniversary_edited-43

7th anniversary_edited-44

7th anniversary_edited-45
The card I made for him… full of hearts!!!

7th anniversary_edited-47

You need the spoons for the red-velvet right?

7th anniversary_edited-48

I hated it when I cannot hold his hand when wearing gloves so I got this awesome pair where we can wear gloves and…. hold hands at the same time hehe!


Happy anniversary to us!! 7 years and many more to come…

What I wore:

Zara Dress
Zara Shoes
Derimeya Coat

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 01:58h, 20 March Reply

    Love the smitten!! where did you get it ? Such a great idea <3

  • Ca Dao
    Posted at 20:45h, 04 March Reply
  • Anonymous
    Posted at 10:14h, 28 February Reply

    Love your coat! where’s it from?

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