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And she turns 26 :)

And she turns 26 :)

GC 26th bday-5

I turned 26 yesterday!! I would feel really wrong if I had to work on my birthday…. So Viet and I decided to take a day off just to …. HANG with each other… and of course with my eternal lover, Mr. London!

GC 26th bday-19

A lovely morning in a super pretty shop always ensure a good start!

GC 26th bday-15

We went to Peggy Porschen of course… I just love everything about it! The pink wall, the chair, the flowers… EVERYTHING!

GC 26th bday-11

GC 26th bday-10

GC 26th bday-13
The most beautiful bouquet of flowers!! How can they have peonies in this season is beyond my imagination!! I was super excited when I saw roses and peonies, my favorite flowers of the whole wide world!!!

GC 26th bday-12

Day dreaming ….?

GC 26th bday-16

Who wouldn’t fall in love with parlour?

GC 26th bday-20

GC 26th bday-22

Then we decided to stroll up and down the pretty┬áneighbourhood… in the super cold weather!!!

GC 26th bday-21

GC 26th bday-23

GC 26th bday-24

GC 26th bday-25

GC 26th bday-27

GC 26th bday-26

GC 26th bday-28

We visited Saatchi Gallerty along the way… I had to say, some pieces of art are really not my cup of tea!!!

GC 26th bday-29

GC 26th bday-30

GC 26th bday-31

Once we decided we couldn’t take the strong wind any longer.. we went back to our cosy flat and got ready for dinner!

Voila! Viet took me to Marcus Wareing!!

GC 26th bday-32

The best food I have ever tasted!

GC 26th bday-34

GC 26th bday-36

After dinner, the manager took us to see the kitchen and explained the how a kitchen of a 2-starred Michelin restaurant works!!!!

GC 26th bday-37
So you know… roses and peonies are my favorite flowers in the world?? I absolutely adore cherry blossom toooooooo! They never fail to bring a happy smile on my face…

GC 26th bday-9

Happy birthday to me <3!!!!

Purple Lace Top : Darling
Boots: Kurt Geiger
Pink Dress: TopShop
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

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