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Baroque ft. Dimsum

Baroque ft. Dimsum

Yuatcha Edited-38

OMG, I’ve been so lazy lately!!! Can’t get myself to post a proper blog!!!

I wanted to write a review about Yauatcha for a while now but haven’t got round to do it… so I decide to put the pictures up first and write my review tonight 🙂

Yuatcha Edited-33
It was early December… and it was cold…

Yuatcha Edited-32
I admit, the dress didnt fit that well haizz..

Yuatcha Edited-4

Yuatcha Edited-12
I absolutely adore Bodo Sperlein tablewear!

Yuatcha Edited-3

Yuatcha Edited-6

Yuatcha Edited-10

Yuatcha Edited-9

Yuatcha Edited-15
Yuatcha Edited-14
Yuatcha Edited-13
Yuatcha Edited-17

Yuatcha Edited-18

Yuatcha Edited-19

Yuatcha Edited-27

Yuatcha Edited-25

Yuatcha Edited-23

Yuatcha Edited-22

Yuatcha Edited-29

Yuatcha Edited-30

Yuatcha Edited-20

Really should not have left such a lag before writing…not so easy to recall the detailed tastes and textures. Overall the dimsum was good. The food itself did not shame the rave reviews given to Yauatcha, and made a decently satisfying experience. However, the service was not so much what we had expected at a 1 star establishment. The waitress was friendly and enthusiastic when asking about my accessories, but was very inefficient at taking our orders. We had to wait quite long to be able to place our order for drinks, after which we were left waiting again for a while before someone came back for the food order. The food came out quite quickly so no complaints on that front, except for certain incidents upon which the waiter mistook our table for some others’ and gave us dishes only to take them away elsewhere….

Yuatcha Edited-7

Yuatcha Edited-8

Yuatcha Edited-34

Yuatcha Edited-35

Yuatcha Edited-36

Yuatcha Edited-42

Yuatcha Edited-40

All in all, it was still a good meal and I would still recommend it for the quality of the food. Also worth noting that the price tag is not that outrageous either (we did not look at the wine list that day, so my statement does not cover that).

What I wore:

Karen Millen Dress
River Island Belt
Camilla Skovgaard Shoes
Ed Hardy leather jacket

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