London, Eternally Yours - Regent's Park & Parliament Hill - A Class of Her Own
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London, Eternally Yours – Regent’s Park & Parliament Hill

London, Eternally Yours – Regent’s Park & Parliament Hill

I’m in Spring mode today!!!!!!

Viet and I have been waiting for a sunny day to go to the park and today was the day! London was absolutely gorgeous today….

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-10

Regent’s Park was our first stop…

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-2

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-1

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-5
It was still a bit chilly though… but as long as it’s sunny, I would not mind!

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-15

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-14

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-4

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-7

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-8

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-11

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-12

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-13

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-16

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-3

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-18

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-23
Cherry blossom!!!!!!!!

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-20

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-25

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-27

After spending 3 hours walking, talking, photo-taking in Regent’s Park, we still found it not enoughhhhhh!!!!

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-31

… so we went up to Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath to look at our beloved London from above!!!!!!!!!!!

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-30

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-32

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-28

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-34

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-35

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-36

Regent's Park 20130428_Edited-37

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!



What I wore:

Darimeya Coat
Dorothy Perkins shoes
Victoria Beckham sunglasses

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