Video of our London Registration - A Class of Her Own
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Video of our London Registration

Video of our London Registration

I got engaged at the end of May and we both decided that we wanted to have a summer-ish wedding!!! The thing is, “summer” doesn’t really exist in London’s dictionary. From my experience, the earlier in the year the better! 1 week after the engagement, I decided for it to be on the 1st of September :)It was all so manic, one week before the wedding, I was still deciding whether or not to have the whole day filmed! And of course, a special day like that MUST BE documented!! Don’t you agree?

R7 production is an amazing crew of super talented and passionate individuals! They captured the day perfectly, and the editing was so well done that we loved it from the first draft!! I was welling up the first time I watched the video! Viet and I couldn’t be happier!!!

Here it is, the video of our London Registration Day 🙂 (Make sure you click HD!!!!!!)

When Viet was saying his vows, I cried uncontrollably and couldn’t start with mine… The registrar was super sweet, acting like a mommy to me “Take all the time you need….” I then manage to pull myself together…

It was one happy day…

We would like to express our gratitude to anh Minh & em Tra from R7 Production for the great energy and extreme care they have given to taking, refining and delivering this video!!! And also, congratulations to them on their ENGAGEMENT!!!

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