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London Love – It’s cold in December, let’s have a bowl of ramen or.. udon

London Love – It’s cold in December, let’s have a bowl of ramen or.. udon

Cocoro and winter 2013-4

Cocoro and winter 2013-2
Me and my baby Bellarose

Cocoro and winter 2013-15
COCORO has been on my hubby’s TO GO list for so long… and now we finally got to try its ramen out!

31 Marylebone Lane
London W1U 2NH
Tel: 020 7935 2931

Cocoro and winter 2013-16
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Cocoro and winter 2013-17

Cocoro and winter 2013-18

Cocoro and winter 2013-19

Cocoro and winter 2013-20

Cocoro and winter 2013-21
Cocoro’s Tonkotsu ramen had been given quite good reviews, months before Bone Daddies or Shoryu opened. Earlier last year, there were only Tonkotsu and Cocoro as the few limited choices for Ramen in London. We managed to tried Tonkotsu, loved it at first, not so much anymore after they changed their recipe…and have been to the new contenders, but only managed to visit Cocoro now.

The soup was quite rich and creamy, but I prefer Bone Daddies’ great “dirty soup”. Their marinated soft-boiled egg and the charsiu do not do so well against Shoryu’s “melt-in-your-mouth”. The noodle itself was good though, soft and springy, but the portion could have been bigger (something like Shoryu’s size would be great). All in all, this is another good option for Londoners, but Shoryu remains my favourite ramen shop in this city. Can’t wait to reach Japan next February and try what ramen is like in its homeland!! (although it may change my view on what we get here completely)

Cocoro and winter 2013-25
Tempura Zaru Udon was our other choice. Taking the cold noodle on such a cold day might seem like the best, but I prefer it this way because the tempura retains its crispiness and does not become all soggy in the hot soup. The noodle, again, was really good, done just right and elastic. The dipping works well and is not too salty, which tends to be an issue for me with cold noodles at times. The tempura is also really good, crispy battered and the prawn is firm. Again, though, the portion size is a little on the scarce side…

Cocoro and winter 2013-22

We would probably drop by another time and try their other dishes as well, this time we came mainly for the noodle, but what the table next to us ordered also looked dangerously mouthwatering!!

Cocoro and winter 2013-8

Cocoro and winter 2013-10

Cocoro and winter 2013

Cocoro and winter 2013-7
Cocoro and winter 2013-12
Cocoro and winter 2013-11

Cocoro and winter 2013-5

Cocoro and winter 2013-14

Zara jumper
ASOS dress
KG boots
Ed Hardy leather jacket

Keep warm my friends xoxo

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