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Red for Christmas, Red for LOVE!

Red for Christmas, Red for LOVE!

Christmas Photoshoot-14

It’s that magical time of the year again…

Christmas Photoshoot-12
Nancy and I have been wanting to do a photoshoot together, and Christmas cannot be a better time!!!

So here it is, a Red photoshoot to celebrate 2013 Christmas, and to celebrate our friendship xxx

Christmas Photoshoot-2
Christmas Lights are up x

Christmas Photoshoot-10

Christmas Photoshoot-9

Christmas Photoshoot-8

Christmas Photoshoot-7

Christmas Photoshoot-22

Christmas Photoshoot-21

Christmas Photoshoot-23

Christmas Photoshoot-18

Christmas Photoshoot-19

Christmas Photoshoot-26

Christmas Photoshoot-28

Christmas Photoshoot-27

Christmas Photoshoot-30

Christmas Photoshoot-31

Christmas Photoshoot-32

Christmas Photoshoot-36

Christmas Photoshoot-38

Christmas Photoshoot-39

Christmas Photoshoot-40

Christmas Photoshoot-41

Christmas Photoshoot-43

Christmas Photoshoot-3

Christmas Photoshoot-1

My favourite thing to do … wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards 🙂

Have a jolly Christmas everyone!!!!! xx


Thanks to my “80% hubby” for taking the awesome photos xx

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