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There are only 7 days till Christmas!

There are only 7 days till Christmas!

Lakeland photoshoot-1

After 2 weeks of working long hours, I flew to Florida to be there for my little cheeky brother’s graduation ceremony. Our family was welcomed into a warm and lovely home in Lakeland, where my brother spent the past 3 years…

While waiting for him to get ready on the important day, Viet and I played with our camera 🙂

Lakeland photoshoot-3

Lakeland photoshoot-6

Lakeland photoshoot-4

Lakeland photoshoot-7

Lakeland photoshoot-11

Lakeland photoshoot-9

Lakeland photoshoot-10
The obvious sign of sleep deprivation on my face :((

Lakeland photoshoot-12

Lakeland photoshoot-13

Lakeland photoshoot-8

Not long till Christmas now… Are you all ready…???


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