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London, Eternally Yours – City of London

London, Eternally Yours – City of London

Weekend 05.01-12

SO IT’S 2014!!!

We turned our heads, blinked… and we’ve been here, in the UK, for 10 years!

8 of those awesome 10 years I’ve spent in my beloved London and it still excites me every single day!!! This year, Viet and I will make more effort to explore this sophisticated city! Every weekend, we will take Bella Rose out to see, to experience, to touch our beloved London…

And the best part is, we will record every corner and share with you… London through our eyes…

Weekend 05.01-2

Lothbury Ave., a 5 minute walk from my work place, is the first destination of our 2014 London adventure!!!

Weekend 05.01-28

Weekend 05.01-29

Weekend 05.01-14

Weekend 05.01-18

Weekend 05.01-16

Weekend 05.01-13

Weekend 05.01-20

Weekend 05.01-22

Weekend 05.01-23
The Royal Exchange…

Weekend 05.01-24

Weekend 05.01-25

Weekend 05.01-21
The feeling of togetherness…

6 more weeks till our wedding in Vietnam..

Love from CaDao and Viet <3 <3

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