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Maldives – Everyday is a Saturday

Maldives – Everyday is a Saturday

Oh how I enjoy the serenity being here in Maldives…

After all the stressful months, we are finally able to rest our minds, and just be together…


Yummy ice-cream freshly made everyday!! A massive range of unique flavours with different ones coming up each day!!! Papaya, Popcorn, Matcha, Guava and so many moreeeee


Hmmm… I was a bit too excited hey?


Although I dont mind the misty, foggy weather in London… It’s actually quite nice to have the sun shining brightly from 6am until 6pm!!!!

Maldives-39 Maldives-38 Maldives-36

How can one not love doing NOTHING the whole day????

Maldives-43 Maldives-44 Maldives-45

So let us sit back, relax, and blog…

Happy weekend & thank you for reading 🙂

CaDao xx



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