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Maldives – Life is a beach

Maldives – Life is a beach

I could hardly remember the last time I got myself under the sea, probably even before I first came to the UK nearly 12 years ago.

I nearly forgot how one could feel extremely alive after being submerged in the freshness of the ocean, and Maldrives did the wonders of bringing that memory back to me…


Maldives-110Maldives-90Maldives-93 Maldives-109Maldives-92 Maldives-105Maldives-96 Maldives-94Maldives-102

Maldives-82Maldives-85 Maldives-84 Maldives-86Maldives-89

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All Bikinis by Victoria’s Secret

Pink flipflops by Tory Burch

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