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When in Maldives…

When in Maldives…

Maldives has always been on our TOP TOP list of destinations… We wanted a January getaway so badly since we knew we both would work extremely hard through Xmas and New Year…

My last deadline at work was on 29 December and from that day, I couldn’t stop counting down every day till the moment we took off from Gatwick Airport to Paradise….

Maldives-15Maldives-2Maldives-4 Maldives-5 Maldives-3 Maldives-6 Maldives-34 Maldives-8FRESH fruits in every meal!!!!!

Maldives-12 Maldives-22 Maldives-11 Maldives-13Maldives-35Maldives-23 Maldives-14Maldives-25 Maldives-20 Maldives-26 Maldives-7 Maldives-31 Maldives-29 Maldives-32 Maldives-33 Maldives-30 Maldives-27 Maldives-28

…and to carry our day forward into the dusk, we sat by the breezy beach, sipping cocktail and just watched the sun setting on the Indian Ocean, what a magical feeling…

I’m so grateful we are here right now, spending quality time with each other xx

Happy weekend everyone and thank you for reading x




ASOS maxi dress

Tory Burch flipflop


Shirt: Zara

Trousers: Zara


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