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HE or SHE?

HE or SHE?

Yesterday was a special day!! We got to find out the gender of our October baby!

I had my 20 week scan last Thursday and the doctor put a note on the baby’s gender in a sealed envelope! This was then passed to a super talented baker from Cake a doodle Tu to make a lovely little cake that would carry that message by colour of its fillings: blue for a boy, pink for a girl!

The colour code also applied to our guests, who came wearing the colour representing their best guesses, so it was, in the end, quite a lovely pastel theme party!

It still feels somewhat surreal that I am half way through my pregnancy. Viet and I did not have a preference for whether it’s a boy or a girl, we were simply really really excited to find out!!!



Photography by auntie Tra Nguyen & uncle Minh Ly 

Gender Reveal Party_edited-79

Gender Reveal Party_edited-64Gender Reveal Party_edited-11

Super cute cake from Cake-a-doodle Tu

Gender Reveal Party_edited-4

Pastries from our favourite bakery in London – Lanka

Gender Reveal Party_edited-10Gender Reveal Party_edited-5 Gender Reveal Party_edited-6 Gender Reveal Party_edited-8 Gender Reveal Party_edited-12 Gender Reveal Party_edited-62 Gender Reveal Party_edited-16Gender Reveal Party_edited-21 Gender Reveal Party_edited-22Gender Reveal Party_edited-31 Gender Reveal Party_edited-38 Gender Reveal Party_edited-45 Gender Reveal Party_edited-47 Gender Reveal Party_edited-49 Gender Reveal Party_edited-50 Gender Reveal Party_edited-51 Gender Reveal Party_edited-52Gender Reveal Party_edited-53 Gender Reveal Party_edited-54 Gender Reveal Party_edited-56TEAM BLUE!Gender Reveal Party_edited-63


Gender Reveal Party_edited-40 Gender Reveal Party_edited-35 Gender Reveal Party_edited-34 Gender Reveal Party_edited-29 Gender Reveal Party_edited-31 Gender Reveal Party_edited-28 Gender Reveal Party_edited-26 Gender Reveal Party_edited-23 Gender Reveal Party_edited-3

Gender Reveal Party_edited-57 Gender Reveal Party_edited-58 Gender Reveal Party_edited-65 Gender Reveal Party_edited-66 Gender Reveal Party_edited-67 Gender Reveal Party_edited-68 Gender Reveal Party_edited-69

Our baby boy has been given a nickname of Dino since his dad is so passionate about Dinosaurs…

We are extremely grateful for the incredible amount of love from our friends whom we have known for more than a decade! We are truly blessed 🙂

CaDao & Viet

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