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A lovely weekend in Oxford…

A lovely weekend in Oxford…

I have been neglecting my own blog for so long… It’s quite difficult to juggle so many things at once.

I never thought I could live anywhere else but London… 10 years in this amazing city, we have decided to move to the outskirt to have a bit more space for baby Dino. I spent the past 13 weekends at various furniture showrooms trying to get all the decent pieces for our new home. And finally, I can say “It starts to come together now…”

After all the exhausting weekends going various directions in London, yesterday was such a special break for us as we got to witness another girlfriend from our Uni-class getting married in Oxford. I was happy just to be around all my dear friends/classmates from LSE back in 2005, sending off one of the remaining single girls to the new chapter in her life…

Weekend in Oxford-20

Gorgeous flower arrangement at the entrance..

Weekend in Oxford-8

Us with the bride & the groom <3

Weekend in Oxford-5

As I’m approaching the third trimester, my bump has become “quite” visible huh? All I care is for Dino to be a healthy boy! <3

Weekend in Oxford-9

With the beautiful bride

Weekend in Oxford-1

How proud I am of the 10 year friendship with all the best girls of VNLSE 05-08

Weekend in Oxford-7

What do you think of the new style for my very own model? 🙂

Weekend in Oxford-2

Weekend in Oxford-3Weekend in Oxford-6

Weekend in Oxford-21

Love love love the flowers <3 <3 <3

Weekend in Oxford-15

Weekend in Oxford-10 Weekend in Oxford-11 Weekend in Oxford-12 Weekend in Oxford-13


Dress by Love

Pencil Skirt by ASOS

Shoes by Christian Louboutin

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