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Showered with love – My baby shower :)

Showered with love – My baby shower :)

How thankful I am for my amazing girlfriends & the immeasurable amount of love my baby Dino is already getting….

My dearest girls Lilizee and Corina threw me the most wonderful celebration!! They put so much effort into creating an unforgettable baby shower. The dinosaur theme was so appropriately chosen, and adorably crafted! Every little detail, from the name card and the gorgeous guest book to the tiny shoes and the little dinosaur in an egg… I still am amazed looking at the pictures now!!

We spent hours talking about the birthing process, laughing about how I will make hubby wear a Go Pro on his head to film the whole thing (haha!), about breastfeeding and all that jazz!!! How better could we pass a rainy London afternoon than that? We simply just giggled, laughed out loud, be silly and my, did it feel magical…

I can’t even express in words how grateful I am to have such amazing friends in the world!!! I was overwhelmed with so much love 🙂


Baby Shower - DINO-7 Baby Shower - DINO-37 Baby Shower - DINO-39 Baby Shower - DINO-50 Baby Shower - DINO-52 Baby Shower - DINO-54 Baby Shower - DINO-47 Baby Shower - DINO-48 Baby Shower - DINO-49

Baby Shower - DINO-6

My amazing girls who made it happen….

Baby Shower - DINO-51 Baby Shower - DINO-42 Baby Shower - DINO-45 Baby Shower - DINO-46 Baby Shower - DINO-43 Baby Shower - DINO-44 Baby Shower - DINO-23 Baby Shower - DINO-15 Baby Shower - DINO-14 Baby Shower - DINO-12 Baby Shower - DINO-13 Baby Shower - DINO-36 Baby Shower - DINO-35 Baby Shower - DINO-34 Baby Shower - DINO-33 Baby Shower - DINO-31 Baby Shower - DINO-30Baby Shower - DINO-28Baby Shower - DINO-25Baby Shower - DINO-22Baby Shower - DINO-19Baby Shower - DINO-18Baby Shower - DINO-10 Baby Shower - DINO-5 Baby Shower - DINO-32

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