Introducing our little one - A Class of Her Own
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Introducing our little one

Introducing our little one

This same day, 8 weeks ago, we welcomed our little Dino to the world.

As all first time parents, up until the moment we heard his first cry, we were nervously wondering if we had prepared ourselves enough to call it ready… but that very split second our son announced his arrival, everything changed.

Holding him for the first time in my arms, looking at his little self through a layer of joyful tears, I realised one thing: you can never be fully ready in advance for such an important responsibility, yet, at the same time, you were always born ready to start learning.

With Dino, we are learning every day, not just about how to keep Dino awake when he cares for nothing more than 5 seconds, or about how to keep him contented enough to fall as sleep at 2 o’clock in the morning, but also about ourselves, about how it is possible to have so much love at first sight, about how a whole new meaning in life came about in the shape of a tiny human, and about how your fatigue seems to just vanish at the mere sight of a little smile!!! (plus about how paranoid we can be about every tiny thing, a side that is relatively new to both of us)

To the little screaming man, the cotton ball of joy, the the hope of our future, mommy’s and daddy’s Dino: ” We love you more than we can express, and we will make sure to never stop letting you know that every day!”

Our lives have forever changed and we are grateful every single day…

Pictures were taken to celebrate Dino’s Full Moon (1 month old)…


Dino - Homeshoot - 45

Dino - Homeshoot - 46 Dino - Homeshoot - 09 Dino - Homeshoot - 08 Dino - Homeshoot - 04 Dino - Homeshoot - 12 Dino - Homeshoot - 75 Dino - Homeshoot - 70 Dino - Homeshoot - 29 Dino - Homeshoot - 32 Dino - Homeshoot - 41 Dino - Homeshoot - 39 Dino - Homeshoot - 62 Dino - Homeshoot - 63 Dino - Homeshoot - 59

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