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Introducing my walk-in Wardrobe

Introducing my walk-in Wardrobe

I cannot believe my maternity leave is coming to an end… even though it was 4 month longer than I intended to, somehow it is still not enough! Spending time with my son has brought me so much love, so much joy…

I am sad that I won’t be able to be there for Dino 24/7 but at the same time it is somewhat exciting that I will become an individual and working again, besides being a mother…

We moved to Sevenoaks when I was eight-month pregnant with Dino. With all the space, we converted one double-bed into a walk-in closet! In this post, I will show you my new neighbourhood and the walk-in closet!!!


Me and tulle-6

Me and tulle-1 Me and tulle-2Me and tulle-5Me and tulle-8Me and tulle-10


Me and tulle-17Me and tulle-19 Me and tulle-20

Me and tulle-11 Me and tulle-21Me and tulle-24 Me and tulle-25 Me and tulle-26 Me and tulle-27 Me and tulle-28 Me and tulle-29 Me and tulle-30 Me and tulle-31Me and tulle-36 Me and tulle-37

These pictures were taken by hubby in our neighbourhood and in my favourite room of our home – the walk-in closet!


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Brand 2

Brand 2

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Product 1 name

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