Introducing Perfect Your Own Way - A Class of Her Own
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Introducing Perfect Your Own Way

Introducing Perfect Your Own Way

Today is a very special day as, eventually, I can share with the world what I have been working on over the past month when both kids were asleep.

Since ever, I have always wanted to create something of my own but I never seemed to be able to conceptualise the idea of what it would be. My life had been a straight line: a typical good Asian kid, an excellent student, graduated from a top university, landed a job in the financial industry, married the love of my life, mother of two wonderful boys. Yet, somehow I still have this feeling of a void in me, like something else was still missing.

After a long period of looking and thinking, I eventually embarked on a new venture, which is very close to my heart, and have been intensively pushing it through for the past month to materialisation. As crazy as it may sound, coming out of my mouth: I am launching an e-commerce site that aims to bridge unique concepts and products from Asia and the Western Fashion Markets. To some people, it may be just another risky business idea, but to me, it is something I am passionate about, enjoy doing, and am trying my hardest to make it work.

It is certainly not without challenges. As any mother would understand, it is tough, very tough to raise two kids far away from family with little extra help. Everything is second priority to the eat, sleep and bath schedule, not to mention the daily school runs, the doctor trips (Dino and Tigo were sick the past 5 weeks and the little one is still on antibiotics for the second week as I type).

Printed blouse by Duong Nguyen, available to pre-order from Perfect Your Own Way from January 2019

Everything was new to me, which mean there is no road previously treaded (by me) and I had to create and refine my plan as I progressed, but I enjoyed every second of it!

Having worked in the financial industry for the past decade, I often found corporate attire from the mass market to be somewhat monotonous and standardised. To me, fashion is a statement, it is the way to express yourself, so “standardised” is exactly what I did not want. Nevertheless, it has always been a challenge for me find quality fashion pieces that would allow you to be stylish, chic but also professional and “ready-for-business” at the same time (and, of course, falls within the right price bracket). As a Vietnamese person living in London for the past 16 years, I have the privilege of being a part of two worlds, so I often turned to my home country for these rare finds.

Today, with Perfect Your Own Way, I want to attempt to create a bridge between Asian designers and the Western markets and bring these unique “twists to the conventional” to you.




In the office, I often received compliments on my style and what I wear, and constantly got questions about where I bought my clothes. I know how a good and suitable piece of clothing can make you stand out and add to the personal projection of your confidence. As someone who has always wanted to foster in the idea of a modern woman who can do it all and be stylish at any time of day, I created Perfect Your Own Way as the space where I can curate fashionable  and unique pieces for you: women of today, women of versatility, women with confidence to be themselves in any situation, women who know that they are perfect, in their own ways!

I am beyond thrilled to finally share this on my blog, and be sure to tune in at 12.00GMT at Perfect Your Own Way as we start to go live!

Please follow Facebook & Instagram pages, thank you very much for your support!

Photography by Quyen Mike 

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Lane JT

Lane JT


Lane JT

Lane JT


Lane JT

Lane JT

One Shoulder Top with Waterfall Sleeves

Lane JT

Lane JT

One Shoulder Long-Sleeved Sweater

  • Tatiana ES
    Posted at 01:44h, 07 December Reply

    So excited and proud of you! <3 <3

    • Ca Dao
      Posted at 21:33h, 07 December Reply

      Thank you so much my dear!!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 12:22h, 06 December Reply

    This is great chị ơi. I think fashion is the way to go for you! 🙂

    • Ca Dao
      Posted at 21:34h, 07 December Reply

      I’m very nervous to be honest!

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