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My new favourite lipsticks

My new favourite lipsticks

As Hepburn once put it:

“I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick.”

And me… I believe in Audrey’s words! She’s forever a classic, just like lipstick!

Modern women nowadays, they can accomplish so much even with all the constraints of the daily life.. Meaning? Time is truly a luxury. My makeup routine has always been simple and efficient, a good lipstick really goes a long way. To me, a good lipstick is one that can really transform a complete make-up free face! It really is all you need.. Without it, I may feel very … naked…

You have no ideas how proud and happy I was when I found out about M.O.I, a make-up brand from Vietnam!!! Vietnam hardly make hẻ name into the make-up world at all, let alone having good beauty products right? I, too, was slightly doubtful at the beginning, especially given hơ picky I tend to be when it comes to lipsticks, but now they are certainly among my favourites. They may be new to the makeup game but M.O.I matte lipstick is already a great contender in the making. Matte but not drying, they come in a variety of colours with impressive staying power! And surprisingly, the price point is extremely affordable. Sounds like a perfect stating point?

As you all know, I was in Paris recently and as I was hanging out with my super talented friend, Make-up artist Viet Cuong Hoang, I was admiring all his works and YouTube channel, The Nerdist Secret, and we suddenly decided to improvise my first “beauty video”. Okay, I am not going down that route (Mother of 2 everyone, with a full time job, sooo… Time is scarcity!!!)

So here we go… my first and probably only “beauty video” haha! Mind that it was midnight so pardon my tired face!!

I was wearing “Destiny” in the latest photoshoot for launching of the collaboration DUONG x Perfect Your Own Way, and I only needed to apply once in the early morning for the whole photoshoot!

Hope you enjoyed the video and thank you so much for reading!


Top by DUONG x Perfect Your Own Way

Videography by Viet Cuong Hoang

Photography by Linh Bay Bong 

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