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Lounging in style…

Lounging in style…

Where has this year gone?

If anyone had told me last year that in 2020 I would spend months being miles away from my cheeky boys, leaving my house only for grocery shopping and working from home in my loungewear for an indefinite timeline, I wouldn’t have believed it..

But here we are… I have spent the past 3 months talking to my boys via FaceTime and my work wear has turned into pyjamas and caftans. Confession, I really have no good tracksuit but have been looking for one comfy set, please recommend if you have something in mind! I’ve always been that girl who adores silk pyjamas, all things Olivia von Halle and beautiful loungewear…

Just wanted to share with you a few of my favourites pieces in my closet below, and I would love to know what you are all rocking at home amidst this lockdown.

One new purchase has quickly climbed to be my top go-for items is the bespoke pyjama set from my talented designer friend Duong from DUONG DESIGN STUDIO. It is so chic and it is so ME. I am not one for simple sleepwear haha, I love silk and J’adore feathers!

Also, back in 2019, I created a few pieces of sleepwear for myself not knowing that I would practically live in them days and nights for several months. These dresses and caftans will be launched on Perfect Your Own Way in the coming month!

All my friends know that I am not so much into minimalism (except, maybe, for interior design). Tulle, leather, embellishment, fur, I love them all. As for sleepwear, one cannot NOT have lace and silk in her wardrobe’s vocabularies. And this dress ticks all the boxes for me, beautiful delicate lace with silky touch that is so luxurious to be in..

I love how versatile this red caftan is, I can do zoom calls in it, I can sleep in it, I can pick up the mail in it… The most comfortable piece of loungewear in my closet no doubt!

Et voila! Those are a few of my picks for lounging in style at home. Let me know your thoughts!

These beautiful pieces will be available to order on Perfect Your Own Way from mid June!

Thank you for your support!

Striped Feather Pyjama by Duong Design Studio and other pieces by CaDao (available to pre-order on Perfect Your Own Way from mid June)

Photography by my hubby

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